U. Ockert

Dear Doctor,

in the middle of january we visited your spice garden. You and Dr. Bobby have been waiting for me, when I left the bus. I think, Upali Herath organised it.
I showed you my hands (photo 1, january 16th) and you told me, that you can help.

First my husband and me got a special tour trough the garden, guided by Bobby. It was very interesting and much to learn. The massages for face and dorsum have been great.
We enjoyed the whole stay.

At the end we bought several products, I am on fire for all!

From Bobby I have got a recept for my hands and he said, in 30 days they are healthy.
Peatle Wine every morning and evening, a mix of Nr. 2 and Nr. 15 on the hands over night.
Five days after beginning, I already could work. (I have my own business as massage-therapist).
Photo 2 showes my hands after 15 days and photo 3 is from yesterday, my hands are healthy!!! Times of pain are over!

Thousand thanks for you, thousand thanks for Bobby and thousand thanks and more for mother earth and nature.

All the best for you, in great thankfulness

Ute Ockert